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October 31, 2008 at 7:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 16 Comments

Every once in a while, I like to take a look at the photos from an episode BEFORE actually watching the episode, so that I can form opinions about the shots without being influenced by Tyra, Jay, or how the girls actually acted in front of the camera.  For some reason, it seems to make it more authentic to me, since when you’d see a model in a magazine or ad, that’s all you have to go off of anyways.

So, since I missed the episode Wednesday night, I figured I’d hold off on reading any spoilers until after I was able to check out the pics for myself.  I must say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with a lot of the photo shoots this cycle… they look more like actual ads than the catastrophes of some of the previous cycles.

So, in order of my favorite to least favorite…
(And on a side note, as a photographer, I hate, hate, HATE how the horizon is tilted on these photos… like, I can hardly look at them without cringing and pulling up my editing software to fix it for them.)

McKey –
I’m not a fan of her outfit, but I’m a huge fan of how she looks in it in this photo.  The face is fierce, the pose makes her legs look ridiculously long (in a good way), and I want those shoes (though I doubt I’d be able to walk in them).  I’m not a fan of the flare, but that has more to do with the photographer than the model, so I can’t really fault her for that.  But, at least the horizon is fairly straight.  Whew.   Overall: FIERCE!

Marjorie –
Lovely.  Simply lovely.  In her dark, hunchbacked way, Marjorie pulled this one off looking fierce and fashionable.  It makes me want to buy this outfit… and go sailing… well, maybe not.  Overall: LOVELY!

Samantha –
She looks good here… not phenomenal, but good.  The way she’s holding the dress seems a bit awkward (in a bad way), but other than that, I have no complaints… she even kind of has one of those ugly-pretty frowns on her face.  Overall: NICE

The face isn’t doing anything for me, it doesn’t seem like she’s really showing off the clothing, but it isn’t the worst thing in the world, either.  The pose is interesting, though I think that the outfit isn’t very flattering to her, which is probably part of the problem.  Overall: OK

I can picture it now… “Elina, for your next pose, I’d like you to swing your arms and legs and pretend to be a marionette doing an Irish jig.”  The scary thing is, knowing ANTM, that might have been exactly what happened.  Regardless, her face is really pretty.  Overall: TOO POSEY

Sheena –
Not a fan.  She’s gone from dull to just plain bor-ing.  Nothing about this photo intrigues me, interests me, or excites me.  She looks like she’s struggling to keep her balance (which isn’t a surprise, seeing how horribly they’ve skewed the photo.  Overall: LAME

For giggles and grins, I actually did go back and straighten the horizons on these… obviously, the cropping’s messed up now, but at least the pics don’t make me seasick now.



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  1. I was so pissed at the fact that Sheena went home. Like, Elina deserved to go home. She’s a bitch. She sucks. I hate her. I hope she goes home next week.
    Then I hope Analeigh goes home. Then Marjorie, Then Sam, and then McKey wins! 😀
    Team McKey FTW!!

  2. mckey’s photo is very good, no doubt =)

    marj: as much as I love that girl, to me she lacks versatility, all her photos resemble, don’t they? still, she’s highly photogenic and most of her poses are kick-ass!

    Sam: she is so overrated, in my opinion… I don’t like how she’s holding the dress, what I like best about the photo is her jacket xD

    analeigh: it’s soooo sad to say but her face isn’t as photogenic as some of the other girls’ faces. I like her pose, though, it looks full of movement. and I love those shoes!!

    elina: what’s up with her hands? I think she should have kept them simple like analeigh. and in the episode they showed a close-up of her face and she looks posessed!

    Sheena: ok, I never was a fan of hers, but in this photo, her face looks beautiful. the pose is ok, it just looks strange how she holds onto the ropes…

    OVERALL though, I think the judges are making quite the right decisions this cycle… do you guys agree??

  3. I know Analeigh looked terrible when they were explaining the challenge it disturbed me!

    I still like her!!

  4. Ed D., back off Elina. Please.
    ileyja, I have actually agreed with every single elimination this cycle, which hasn’t happened before.
    My order would be: Samantha, Analeigh, McKey, Marjorie, Elina, Sheena.
    I don’t like Samantha, and I really hope she’ll be eliminated next week, but I love her shot. Analeigh is still my favorite contestant, and I sincerely hope she makes it to the top three. I think McKey is going to win the whole darn thing. I’m getting tired of Marjorie’s signature/hackneyed hunchback pose. I have a fondness for Elina, and I wish Analeigh and Marjorie could physically shake her and get rid of that solemnity. I’ll miss Sheena dearly.

  5. Sorry to all you Elina fans but I can’t stand her, I really can’t. She’s annoying and more whiny than Marjorie.

  6. Elina has her up and down moments, but just the comments are a bit too harsh Ed D. But anyways, I really liked most of the girls photos in different kind of ways. McKey’s photo was amazing and boy she was working those legs, and I love how she looked like she was twisting her ankle, now that is fierce. Also she just looked incredible in her photo. On Wednesday what impressed me the most is her legs, I’m so jealous of her legs! Analeigh’s photo was amazing as well. I loved her pose and her face, just everything that she is doing in her photo is amazing. She is kind of selling the garment, but the wind is taking it all over. I liked Marjorie’s photo but I would love to see a photoshoot when she’s not doing an overall crazy pose, the last time we got the chance to see that was from the swimsuit shoot. So I would love to see Marj to turn it up a notch and just try something new sometimes. And the main problem in her shot is her back and the neck is missing due to her arm, but overall her picture was okay. As for Sam’s shot, I actually loved it, she is one of the models that actually used up her space and just add more something into her shot. She looks great in her picture, but just something about her lips when she is shot to the side bugs me a little bit, but overall she was pretty good. As for Elina, her face looked fantastic in her photo, but I’m just not sold on how she is working her body in the photo, I just wish that the photographer or whatever gave her more shots in different parts of the ship except for only right there, I saw other models was shot in other places, but not Elina. But Elina’s shot was pretty but it wasn’t great. And as for Sheena, there is just not a lot I have to say about her photo. Her face was pretty, but I just wasn’t sold on the rest. Like she says that she doesn’t have a lot of experience doing editorial shots, that is not a excuse, most of the girls probably didn’t either. I just think that Sheena just ran out of ideas during that photo shoot. But overall from the photo shoot, I have to say that McKey was the best then it’s Analeigh, Samantha, Marjorie, Elina, and lastly Sheena.

  7. Aww, you really didn’t like the skewed horizon lines? =D XD I actually really did, I thought it made the pictures so interesting, like you could feel the boat swaying. Well, to each his (or her) own. X3

  8. i hope elina doesnt win, other wise tyra will be like “oh my gosh u are the first ever red head top model”
    sheena so shudda stayed over elina!!

  9. Ed. d I am the biggest marj fan even so don’t you call her whinny ok, Europe and San Fran Forenver

  10. You know, looking through the final five’s portfolios, they are all actually very strong. I think they are all pretty even in terms of past performance. As much as I like them, I think Elina will be next eliminated (for being too stiff, or for being too abrasive?), then Marjorie (for being TOO awkward). For me, Analeigh and Sam are toss ups… I want Analeigh to win. But I think McKey will take the title.

  11. I was looking for the upcoming top model episode, it should be very interesting. But in my opinion the next one who will probably go home is Elina, if not Elina then I’m going to say Marjorie or Sam.

  12. Okay well Marjorie isn’t that whiny, but she can get annoying sometimes. I love her though, she’s gorgeous.

  13. Didn’t Tyra say in Episode 9 that if Elina was in the bottom two again she would go home? What happened to that?

    I didn’t want to dislike her before the season started, but it’s hard to feel anything but dislike at this point. I just don’t see any way in which she is appealing.

  14. I don’t remember episode nine that much when Elina was in the bottom two, but I guess Elina has more potential than the other that went home in front of her, but you know it’s a guess, we are obviously not seeing what is really going on away from the cameras.

  15. A., I believe that was episode 10 (this past week’s).
    And Michelle, thanks for defending me.

  16. You are very welcome Jhg812, no model should be bashed in any way, doesn’t matter if you like them or not. See there are models that I just didn’t care much for but I wouldn’t say anything wrong about them, they just don’t have what it takes to be a top model and that’s that.

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