Episode 11 Recap

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To start this recap off, I would first like to sincerely apologize for not being able to give you a recap for the last episode. My life has been more hectic than ever, and thus why I’m able to get this recap early in the morning, because I’m taking a day off for myself. But, anyway, enough of that. Don’t forget that if you have any spoilers or speculation, you post it HERE: https://antm11.wordpress.com/2008/10/16/spoiler-discussions/#comments

Please don’t let me catch you posting any “spoilers” you have outside of there.

So! We’re in Amsterdam, and Analeigh talks about how she’s improving but the girls see her as just some pretty girl rather than competition, but she makes the most fundamental but wonderful comment made this cycle: “But at the end of the day, it’s not what they think, it’s what panel thinks.” Why couldn’t the girls in the past cycles get that? Anyway, Elina briefly complains about being criticized for being stiff, and Marjorie points out that Elina thinks she has everything it takes, and doesn’t try.

We’re back at home, with Sporty Sam going on about how happy she is, and Moping Marj saying she doesn’t understand how everyone could be so comfortable with everything. I know every ANTM fan will go on about how annoyed they are with her low self-esteem, but I honestly could not care less. I would book this girl based on look alone, and absolutely anytime for print after seeing her portfolio.

TYRA MAIL! “You have to be more than good looking if you want your first booking… Love, Tyra.” Crafty. The mail is really a lot less annoying this cycle around, isn’t it? I certainly like it. So the girls get to their challenge destination, or at least where they’re told of it, by Frederick Koster (who speaks like a monotone serial killer, just a little bit intimidating, even with his pink flower-decorated shirt), and a really pretty black woman whose name is Pearl Macnack, and she looks like the great version of Saleisha. Okay, as per usual, the models will be judged on portfolios, runway walks, general appearances, and personalities. They’ll be traveling by boat since it’s a city of water (to which the girls say, “Oh my gosh,” and Frederick responds, with his accent “Oh my gosh, yeh!”). Haha, amazing.

The girls embark on their journey of go-sees, and as they’re slowly going through boats, Marjorie interviews that she’s really nervous because she has a bad sense of direction and gets frazzled really easily, and that go-sees freak her out. Again, I love you, Marj, but what are you doing in the modeling industry if go-sees freak you out?! Anyway, Sam is shown making it to her go-see first (who is the designer Marlies Dekkers), and kisses her three times in the check because she studied the culture (surprisingly…cool point for Sam! Way to get ahead!). Marlies would not book Samantha for a campaign (I wouldn’t blame her, her walk is less horrible than when we still saw it, but still bad), and she thinks she is too commercial. Next, McKey is shown making it to her first go-see, designer Monique Collignon, who was impressed by her face, as I was impressed by her design. McKey looked STUNNING in the dresses while she was walking. I’m not even a huge McKey fan, but she truly has one of the most high-fashion looks in the history of the show. Sam and Marjorie are lost, and then this tragedy by Sam happens. “The street names of Amsterdam are so unpronounceable, I don’t even know how the Dutch people pronounce it, it’s like, ‘Pogenlogensmogenspagaburg.” I had to replay it just to get what she said right, and I was going to take half of her cool point away, but it’s just…no. She’s gone down to 0 for the day. At least when Analeigh was lost and tried to do the same thing, she understood that people have different tongues, and her butchering was not anywhere near as bad, but sounded more German. Marjorie keeps asking people for help (one woman seemed not to know English or didn’t want to help, one guy had no idea where it was, and one woman simply walked right past her in the rudest manner possible). Ugh, my poor high-fashion Quasimodo.

Analeigh makes it to Hans Ubbink, her first go-see, and he loved her. Elina makes it to Mart Visser, her first go-see, and she starts sort of running over there, which he notices when he puts on her dress, saying her sweat would go on his expensive clothes. I’d think he’s touchy, but if you put yourself in the designer’s shoes, you’d understand. Anyway, she looked gorgeous in the dress, and walked well. However, he absolutely ticked me off when he said he wouldn’t book her because “she’s playing a model when she isn’t a model.” Have you heard of good taste, Mart? Look at her face. She doesn’t have the body of a typical model, but that could easily be altered, but the face. She ISN’T a model? Ha. McKey and Analeigh make it to other go-sees, Marjorie is still lost (with no go-sees so far), Elina makes it to her second go-see (which is Hans Ubbink, and from the looks of it, although inaudible, he seemed to like her), Samantha goes to Monique Collignon, and Monique’s dress is freaking awesome. It doesn’t suit Sam perfectly, but it can make any girl look really nice. Marjorie is still lost, cries while walking (which tore me, by the way), and goes to her boat to say she’s just going to go to another designer. She beats herself up, but then eventually makes it to Marlies Dekkers, and from the beginning, I was already losing hope (Marjorie had to mention her name twice, great presentation). Marjorie looks AMAZING in the swimsuits, but Marlies didn’t seem to like the hunched back while she was walking, and Marlies actually friendly tells her in the end of their meeting, “Don’t get too nervous” while patting her back. That’s a little…ouch. Elina was waiting outside, and this scene had me up the wall. She walked in, and after seeing her in a swimsuit, seemed to not like the tattoos. She could not work with them, so go-see wasted. McKey went to Mart Visser and he seemed to be stunned by her from the beginning, saying that he wanted her in his show. McKey is so happy, and has a beautiful smile, expressing how glad she is, and how she’s losing track of time and keeps forgetting what time it is since she’s so distracted by the environment.

Elina makes it to Monique Collignon, and Analeigh comes right after while Elina’s still in. Monique thought Elina was terrific, and she also says that Analeigh has a style she’d appreciate for her show, and very obviously sees potential in her. Monique is the best designer I’ve seen on the show. If I were a girl, I would buy Analeigh’s dress in an instant. Alright, so Marjorie makes it to Hans Ubbink, and as she’s walking, he says, “I think we’ve seen enough.” OUUUUUCH! Marjorie’s such a sadist upon herself too, she seemed to be amused by how he reacted, and agreed. I haven’t seen her laugh like that the entire cycle. She decides to go back to the challenge origin (where they were supposed to be back at, like every other cycle, sorry for forgetting to mention that), and is still amused. I love this girl and her realism, I really do. She seems the calmest she ever has been while she’s sitting, and Analeigh makes it second, Elina third, and Sam fourth. Oh, where’s McKey? She was too distracted, and is trying to make it back in time. The girls seem to be frantic while looking at the clock, which horribly amused me. I know they were feeling sorry for her, but also so glad that she’d be disqualified, because she has such a strong look. “No, no, no, no, no!” Analeigh was yelling while smiling, and Marjorie was jumping. I’m laughing just writing this part, haha. McKey did not make it on time, and Frederick Koster (remember, Mr. Serial Killer…so many good Dutch names), expresses his disappointment in a very morbid way, shaking and nodding his head, like he’s thinking about how to execute her. Geez. Naturally, she’s disqualified, and she’s let known that all of the designers loved her and all of them would have loved to hire her, and she would have been the winner of the challenge. I’ve said it multiple times, and I’ll say it again: OUUUUUUUCH! Sam was deemed to commercial, and Frederick said something to her I can’t seem to make out, and in the end, said, “That’s a pity,” with this uber-serious look on his face. Holy crap, chill out. Elina is deemed a good runway model, but that she has too many tattoos. Marjorie is told she was VERY nervous (really? Really?), and the designers loved Analeigh, but some seemed to think she was trying too hard. For the first time on the show, all the designers pitched in prizes, and altogether it’s $18,000-worth of their items. So who wins? Analeigh! Yay, her.

They’re back home, Analeigh’s dresses and gifts are waiting for her at the table, and McKey’s a little bitter, whereas Elina is very bitter. “I don’t think Analeigh should’ve won, I think it should’ve went to me or McKey.” I also love Elina, but what a baby.

TYRA MAIL! “You’ve never been exposed like this before, but you’ll be amazed after. Love, Tyra.” This is the most ambiguous one of all, but the girls seem to think it’s leading on to a nude shoot. “I don’t want to be naked.” Well, if you don’t want to be naked, don’t let that get in the way, because you’re going to need to be comfortable with sexuality to make it into the modeling world. Marjorie goes to the bathroom to take a bath to relax herself, and Analeigh is comforting her, saying she just wants to wake her up and let her know she’s a great model. At first, I really liked Analeigh, but thought she was going home early, and every week, I predicted that she’d be going home, but I want her to stay. Do I think she has the material to win? Let’s wait until the last episode to determine that, but she’s most definitely talented.

Okay, this is getting a little too long due to the episode events, so I’ll just short-hand how everything went from hereon. We’re at the photoshoot challenge, and here are the highlights:

-Tyra Banks is the photographer.

-It’s two photos being produced, one that represents a casting call and is simple and fresh, while the other is dramatic.

-Sam looks awesome in her natural, simple shot, but looked really gothic Miss Piggy in her dramatic one. She’s not a girl for make-up, I’ll just say that. The stylists did some wrong with her. She performed well in both of her shoots, though.

-Marjorie’s first shot was good, but the rest of the film didn’t seem to follow. She was jumping around to get rid of her nerves, which was cute, but Tyra nor Mr. Jay seemed awed. Marjorie looked amazing in her second shoot, very Mollie Sue-esque (especially since they gave her a more Mollie Sue haircut before the shoot). Everything about the shoot was amazing, and Tyra seems to know a lot more than I though.

-Analeigh is a very fresh and natural girl, and seeing her simple shot made me know she had a good shot with her. Mr. Jay seemed to like her shoot. The dramatic one, she had nice make-up, and the clothes showed her legs. Analeigh’s legs are to die for. She had a lot of shape, and her shoot was lovely.

-Elina initially got warned for her nice nails, since they’re too glamour-y. She looked really stiff and pose-y, which was disappointing me. Her last shot was profile, and I just knew that one would be used. While she was being styled, I was jumping up and down. That was the best make-up I’ve ever seen on ANTM, I’m ready to say that. She didn’t seem as stiff in her second shoot to me, because she looked so amazing just standing. She was obviously struggling, though I saw so many good shots.

-McKey’s simplistic shot looked a little…sloppy to me. I mean, it’s one thing to be a little feathered up, but to look like you just woke up in the morning, no thanks. After they styled her, I did not see McKey, I saw Cycle 9 Heather. She looked absolutely gorgeous. I thought she had weird shapes on her second shoot, though.

Panel highlights:

-Sam’s simplistic shot was awesome, and the judges loved it. The dramatic shot, I did not like, at all. The judges seemed to, though.

-Nigel seemed to dislike Analeigh’s photo compared to Sam’s. The judges loved the dramatic shot, though.

-Marjorie’s simplistic photo was disappointing to the judges, and she was notified that she didn’t book any of the two jobs she went for. Her dramatic shot was loved, naturally.

-Elina looked like a businesswoman, and they told her to fix herself up to look more like a model. Mr. Jay (who was the guest judge) commented that her performance during the simplistic shot was stiff, but the result was good. Her dramatic shot was amazing to me, and it seemed that they chose it just to prove that when she’s told to go crazy, she goes another way. She says she doesn’t know what to do when she’s told to go crazy, and when Mr. Jay says, “You’re 18, right? You don’t have time to think about letting go…” and Tyra just rudely interrupts him, lays her hands across the table, and says, “Elina…YOU’RE 18?” This woman is startled, and some pretty solemn background music is playing. These judges are telling her to go out of control like it’s the last moment of her life, and she screamed at the judges, like she said she would. Not as controversial as I thought it’d be, thankfully.

-McKey’s simplistic shot was pretty. She seemed a bit dead to me in the eyes, and her second shot was the second-most amateur of the week, next to Sam’s.

Here are the shots, starting with the simplistic and then dramatic, respectively, from favorite to least-favorite:


Sam.  This is the most model-esque I’ve seen her, besides last week’s pirate photo.  This easily falls under Calvin Klein, and she doesn’t look like she’s carrying as much weight for a model as she usually appears to do.


Elina.  Her profile is just, wow.  No, she does not have typical proportions for a model, but her face is so stunning, that it compensates for that.  Thankfully, one good shot was taken from that bad photo shoot.


Analeigh’s face is wonderful.  The way she contorts her body in photo shoots is nice, and the way she looks so proportionate in this photograph is enough to make me place her third on my favorite.


Marjorie. I like the mopey attitude in this shot.  It actually says something to me.  And her arms are so long and skinny, they seem to go on forever (just like Analeigh’s legs).


McKey. It’s really not bad, it’s just a little too lopsided for me.  It’s pretty, but it’s just…not enough.  A little typical of McKey.

Second photo shoot:


Marjorie.  This photo of her is stellar.  One of the best of the cycle, in my opinion.  Everything works here, except for the black spot on top that’s a little distracting, but I can only blame the photographer for that (I’m looking at you, Tyra).  Other than that, this photo is…perfect.


Analeigh.  Her legs are so long and great, her look is wonderful, her expression is stunning, and her shape is interesting.  Again, one of the best photos this cycle, as well as photo shoots.


Elina.  I also really love this shot.  This girl is still spectacular in my eyes, and this is just a hint of what she’s capable of.  I just wish she wasn’t clutching to one bar with  both hands while still in the same position.


McKey.  I really don’t like this photo, at all.  There’s absolutely nothing special about it.  The clothes are nice, but she fades.


Sam.  This is a joke, right?  I mean, the photography is beautiful, but the stylist didn’t complement her, her body shape is just plain awkward, and her face is too round.  This photo could have been very good, but it just wasn’t.

Call-out order:

1. Samantha – well-deserved with that first photo, but that second photo…eh…

2. McKey – the photos were pretty bad altogether for me, but her performance at the go-sees easily made her deserve a high call-out number.

3. Analeigh – she’s just amazing.  Has anyone noticed that this is the latest she’s been called in 5 weeks?  What does that say about her progress?

4. Marjorie – my favorite from the absolute beginning, before the show started.  The first time she’s been in the bottom two, but I thought she’d get “Unlucky #5,” and thankfully she has yet one more week to redeem herself.  Which of course, means…

5. …Elina was eliminated.  She is one of my favorite ANTM contestants of all time, but it was truly her time to go.  It could not have been more timely, and I’m glad she made it to the Top 5.

So now we’re down to Marjorie, Analeigh, McKey, and Samantha.  Who will be America’s Next Top Model?  Well, don’t tell us here.  Tell us at the speculation and spoiler thread posted at the top.




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  1. thanks, Dorian, nice recap =)

    ugh, i’m glad someone agrees with me on mckey’s glam photo. it just looks…. not right.
    plus, she kind of missed the point in the first photo-set…

    i love analeigh’s glam-photo! while her other photo makes her look like she was flabby in the hip-area [which she really isn’t…].

    not so blown away by Sam’s photos. they’re ok… kinda interesting, but not very modelesque.

    elina – I HATE her glam-photo! the hair, the make-up and the pose just look so… WEIRD! the natural photo is ok, though.

    marjorie – I loved her in the beginning, but now… she annoys me. ok, she obviously has some sort of social phobia and should get counselling, instead of going into a modelling competition/reality tv show, let alone the modelling industry… I do feel sorry for her because she seems to be going through an awful time there 😦

  2. I loved McKey’s photos, both of them, and Tyra loved on what McKey was doing so I can’t complain myself, both photos were awesome. As for Sam’s photos, I love them both, I didn’t find nothing awkward or nothing bad about it at all so I can understand her being called out first. I also loved Analeigh’s photos, maybe the first one is a little bit off but the glam shot was stunning, just her face and her legs were awesome. Marjorie, I’m not crazy about her first photo, now I see her position with her body kind of awkward. As for the glam shot, she was better, but she could have done a little bit more in her shot. As for Elina, her first photo was not that great, but as for the second photo she was better but she didn’t really impress me when she was trying to do a pose. So I can see both Elina and Marjorie at the bottom two, but Marjorie beats out Elina, barely.

  3. Wow, great job spamming, Brandon. : /
    Anywho. I was really pissed at the serial killer person for talking like McKey was an hour late. She was freaking 5 minutes late! D: I felt really bad for her. And Marjorie too. The experience must have been horrible.
    As for the photos.. I absolutely hated Analeigh’s natural shot, but I loooooved her dramatic shot. Had she had a better natural shot, I think she would have been called first.
    I like McKey’s natural shot, actually, but the dramatic shot.. it’s so-so. She deserved second call-out though.
    I did not think Samantha deserved that first call-out, but I didn’t think anybody else did, so meh. Both her shots are good to me, at best. Not exactly amazing.
    I’m a really big Marjorie fan, but I did not like her natural shot at all. D : Maybe if she didn’t pull a Whitney and closed her mouth? Her dramatic shot, on the contrary, is AMAZING. I really hope Marjorie becomes more confident in the last weeks of ANTM, but I’m kidding myself.
    I hated Elina’s pictures this week. D: Her profile looked weird, to me, and her dramatic shot really did look controlled. I also saw the control in the scream. Although I thought she should have stayed this week, surviving her third consecutive bottom two appearance would be very unfair to Marjorie, so I’m glad she’s going home.

  4. Thank god. Elina went home. There is a god out there. Ahaha. Nah she was cool. I just wish she would’ve gone sooner.

  5. I know Boof it was a great job spamming. I should be nominated as The Greatest Spammer Of The Year.

  6. “Please don’t let me catch you posting any ‘spoilers’ you have outside of there.” I meant that, Brandon. Please respect my request, and go HERE for that.
    I’ll be deleting your comments here, and you can say whatever you want over there. Please don’t do this again.

  7. ileyja, thank you! I’m so glad I’m not the only non-McKey-hating person who thinks her shots were pretty mediocre. At first I disagreed with her getting overpraised, but ANTM fanatics have completely mixed feelings about her. She’s got a wonderful look, but I don’t think she’s as strong as some of the other girls, performance-wise. I agree with you for the most part, except that I love Elina’s glam shot, and Marjorie doesn’t annoy me. She can’t, actually, I’m totally loving her. XD
    Boof, good insight. I also felt bad for McKey, because she really wasn’t trying to disrespect anyone, but he seemed to go down on her like she was just caught doing drugs before working or something. Geez. I haven’t found anyone who has hated Ana’s simple shot yet, since it’s just “okay” in the general view. You sort of went anti-open mouth with Marj, but it depends on who. I only JUST noticed that Ana does it all the time, but it’s not annoying, because it doesn’t look like she’s asking for cake, like Whitney. I totally disagree with you on the Elina perspective, but I may be just a little biased. I truly don’t see anything wrong with the photos besides a little bit of excess weight for a model, but people are free to dislike whatever they feel.
    “There is a god out there.” Ed D., I’m not sure if that was meant figuratively, as in “Oh, finally things are going the way they should, there’s totally a god out there,” or if you’re sort of re-instating your views to combat against Elina’s atheism. I don’t know, I’m just a little concerned by how a phrase like that could be taken, for it’s a bit controversial, so please make sure you don’t try to enforce any religious and political views here to anyone. It’s not like I’m condemning your view or anything, please don’t think that, but I don’t want anything controversial to happen, especially something like religion/politics to create a never-ending argument on the site. You may not even have just mentioned it as a common phrase, despite your belief/non-belief, so I’m probably just spazzing out, but I’m just cautious about that sort of trouble. We’d really rather not deal with those sort of things on this blog, you know?

  8. First, I love the new layout (the one at the top of the page featuring the contestants). I love seeing it get updated every week.
    I know we’ve established this already, but Analeigh is awesome. I agree with you; I thought at first that she was a sweet, lovable, filler girl. But now I want her to win! She’s my ninth favorite contestant in ANTM history.
    “Collignon.” Tee hee. *Amélie moment*
    Yeah, Mr. Serial Killer looked like he was going to kill McKey.
    Oy, Elina at panel in that suit…*Y chromosome kicks in*
    Uh, anyway, I’ll miss her. She was great.

  9. Jhg812, I totally missed out on making a recap last week, I didn’t get a weekly rundown! Also, whilst lurking All-ANTM, I see comments by you, and I’m glad you’re not biased.

    I as well love the new layout. Antm11 does quite a good job with it, and now I’m at awe. I can’t believe we’re already at the Final Four, and that Analeigh is there, where I thought every week that she would mess up. She really, really has a chance of winning. And you can tell that the editors and producers love her (naturally), since she gets quite some screen time in the episodes.

    Mr. Serial Killer was worse when he verbally beat up Sam. “*something I didn’t catch due to his accent and bad hearing, then a silence that inflicts guilt on Sam* That’s a pity.” I’d hate to be one of the models there.

    Who are your Top 10 contestants of all time? I’m just curious.

  10. Oh, also, Analeigh is the first contestant to be in the top 2 five consecutive weeks.
    Others to have five top two appearances: Shandi, Yaya, Amanda c3, Keenyah, CariDee, Jaslene
    Six top two appearances: Joanie, Melrose, Natasha, Anya

  11. Great recap, Dorian!
    Jhg812, I’m glad there’s another Amélie fan here. I loved loved loved that movie. Marjorie actually kind of reminds me of Amélie, if you mix a little bit of Elyse Cycle 1 in.
    I’m kind of indifferent towards Elina’s elimination, though I would much rather have had Sam go home. I will grudgingly admit that her simple shot was pretty good though. I didn’t like her dramatic shot that much. Analeigh’s dramatic shot was amazing. I wish I had her legs, and her entire photo was divine. Analeigh for the win, yo.

  12. Thanks, Amy! X3 I haven’t seen that movie, but I’ve heard of it. I’ll check it out for myself, it sounds uber-French, which I’ll only come to appreciate immensely.
    I love Elina (if it’s not obvious enough already), but I as well thought it was her time to go. Would I replace Sam with her on the Top 4? HELL YEAH! Everyone wishes they had her legs. <333
    Jhg, thanks for the info. Who knew she already made her mark in ANTM history? Crap, now I love her even more, haha.

  13. That was very interesting post Jhg about the models being in the top two for multiple weeks in a row, but what is so sad about what you are seeing only two of those models that has been in the top two multiple of weeks won the cycle and that was Caridee and Jaslene.

  14. Sorry for the spoiler Dorian. I know this is not a spoiler. here’s apic of analeigh when little. http://i33.tinypic.com/n2z60n.jpg

  15. Yeah, it’s fine, Brandon. She looks adorable. Even back then she was good at modeling, haha.

  16. Ahh ._. sorry dorian. I should’ve worded that differently :/
    you can delete that comment if you feel the need to 🙂
    Sorry again :[

  17. My Top Ten (in order):
    1 – Kim Stolz (5)
    2 – Heather Kuzmich (9)
    3 – Natasha Galkina
    4 – Kahlen Rondot
    5 – Claire Unabia
    6 – Elyse Sewell
    7 – Melrose Bickerstaff
    8 – Danielle Evans
    9 – Analeigh Tipton
    10 – Yoanna House
    My Bottom Ten:
    1 – Monique Calhoun
    2 – Robin Manning
    3 – Bianca Golden
    4 – Keenyah Hill
    5 – Kimberly Rydzewski (10)
    6 – Gina Choe
    7 – Kelle Jacob
    8 – Camille McDonald
    9 – Cassie Grisham
    10 – Bre Scullark

  18. Ed D., it’s absolutely no problem. I was just taking precaution, and it’s really not your fault. I won’t delete it, just because it’s not that bad, and because I sort of want to use it as precedent for the way people word their things, in the case that they actually intentionally say things like that (if you don’t mind).
    Jhg812, I forgot Kim was your all-time favorite ANTM contestant. I’m glad she’s a popular MTV VJ now, but I wish she continued with her modeling more, rather than being a correspondent. I have a similar taste, only I’m not crazy about Claire, Natasha, or Danielle. And Elyse is my all-time favorite.

    Bottom ten…also similar taste! Except, I don’t dislike Cassie, and Bre’s a little too mediocre to dislike, in my opinion. One thing I’m a little perplexed by is why people hate Monique so much. I mean, yeah, she was a bitch, but she wasn’t around long enough, nor did she do an immense amount of damage, in my view.

  19. as much as i loved elina, i very much agree that it was her time to go. i dont think that her glam shot is spectacular, but i love her natural shot =] im very happy with this final four, even sam. all i care is that the girl who DESERVES to win antm wins, not the girl who “needs it” a la nicole, naima or caridee.

  20. Jhg812, you made me wanna compare.
    My Top Ten
    1. Jayla Rubinelli
    2. Sara Albert
    3. Jenah Doucette
    4. Chantal Jones
    5. McKey Sullivan
    6. Norelle VanHerk
    7. Anya Rozova
    8. Elyse Sewell
    9. Renee Alway
    10. CariDee English

    My Bottom Ten
    1. Fatima Siad
    2. Jade Cole
    3. Lisa D’Amato
    4. Camille MacDonald
    5. Saleisha Stowers
    6. Jaeda Young
    7. Elina Ivanova
    8. Yaya DaCosta
    9. Natasha Galkina
    10. Bianca Golden

  21. Wow, Ed D., we have some REALLY conflicting tastes. XD I personally cannot understand all of the Jayla love (she’s one of my most hated ANTM contestants, and the worst of C5, in my opinion), Sara is merely alright to me, and I cannot stand Chantal. And it’s funny, because you seem to really hate Fatima, when she was tied with Katarzyna as my favorite of C10, and I think she’s the most stunning black woman to ever be in the competition. I like Jade, I love Elina, I like YaYa, and I love Lisa.

    My Top/Bottom 10 will come in a bit, but I’ve got to think of the contestants so that I don’t miss any girl.

  22. This is so offtopic lol…

  23. Ahaha. Sorry Dorian.
    If I could, I’d bring back all my top ten (except winners, i’d add more faves) and have a show where they compete for a contract with elite model mangagement and ford model management. Not just elite. And i’d have at least 3 go sees, 5 international destinations, and challenges where some girls get eliminated.
    and maybe i should up the contestant count from just ten. haha. lets make it…mmm…15? ahaha 🙂

  24. OK THANKS Dorian for the recap it was very well put together.

    My thoughts.

    Okay this episode was interesting and in the go-see’s I liked Analeigh and Sam. Mckey was good but everyone knows was disqualified!!! HOW CAN THESE MODELS FORGET A WATCH!!!lololol, anyway I enjoyed it.

    Now for the girls.

    Mckey~ Ehhh she is ok. I mean she takes great photos don’t get me wrong but I don’t see anything thats sooo special in her. I mean in the first few episodes i LOVED her and she had a unique look and personality well now most everyone does soo she just ehhh ok 4 now.

    Analeigh~ Sooo sweet. One of the sweetest EVER on ANTM. lol I love the name and I have known a really nice (Analeigh)in real life but anyway. Her photos have grown and maybe not always the most stunning but she can to Commercial and also not. keep it up!

    Samantha~ She has totally grown on me!!! I used to not think about her much but recently. I see the Rockin, Happy, FUN personality which fallows her everywhere. Not many girls can do that. Pretty good photos too 🙂

    Marjorie~ I really want her to go. The next episode scares me. I know there are lots of Marj fans and I am still (i guess) but I mean come on shes not only scared but ANNOYING now. Its kind of cute but top 4 its gotta stop. Her photos are sometimes OUTSTANDING though.

    And Elina. I mean I think it was her time. But I only wished she could have brocken out of her control because she would be FANTASTIC!!! But I mean she didn’t. Her lose. GREAT JOB Elina I hope she feels good about herself because I know she had a really DOWN life.

    Sooo he we are.

    Analeigh, Marjorie, Samantha, and Mckey. Who will be eliminated next???

    good luck to all..

    Any comments guys?


  25. I think that McKey just lost track of the time and was more interested into the sightseeing, so it’s pretty much kind of her fought instead of the boat persons fought because he probably didn’t even know. But anyways… tomorrow’s episode should be pretty interesting by watching the preview last Wednesday, wonder who is going home next…

  26. You know how some people say Samantha is ignorant maybe this is why she can’t stand Elina and Majorie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YemcGwnc_AQ&feature=related watch the whole thing.

  27. To me Sam is not ignorant, she has the power to not like someone or something. But this is what you see on the show, but away from everything, I bet that these three are pretty cool with one another.

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