Episode (Whatever Episode Number This Is) Photos

November 7, 2008 at 2:38 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

(Favorite to least favorite, which was really hard, because Sam’s, McKey’s, and Analeigh’s were all so good!)

Set 1






Set 2

McKey (who totally reminds me of Heather c9 here)

Katarzyna… I mean, Analeigh (seriously, doesn’t this remind you of Kat’s newest editorial shots?)






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  1. it’s amazing how this cycle, i agree with every single elimination. i loved elina, but frankly it was her time to go. i actually think that she shouldve gone home a few episodes ago. im incredibly happy that my favorties made it to the top four. even sam is beginning to grow on me a little ;] just a little though, i still dont want her to win, lol.

    IMO, analeigh’s glamour shot was incredible, especially with those legs! and mckeys is gorgeous too! third for me is sam, and i loved marjories strong stare into the camera. =]

  2. I’m so glad Elina went home, she was annoying me. But yay for McKey, Sam, Marjorie and Analeigh! 😀
    I hope McKey wins, if I didn’t make that obvious before. Ahaha.

  3. hey, is this episode on youtube yet? or anywhere on the internet? i’m from europe and can’t watch it on tv -.-‘

  4. McKey reminds me more of Jenah c9 in the Dramatic pic 😛

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