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November 17, 2008 at 3:47 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 31 Comments

I have to say, this is probably the best final three we’ve had in a really long time.  I could really see any of the three girls becoming ANTM, and — unlike many previous cycles — I’m probably not going to be horribly disappointed either way when we find out who the winner is.  All three girls have a lot of talent; all three are personable and not horribly obnoxious, and all three have shown improvement throughout the course of the show.

So, here’s your final chance to share your two cents before the finale episode.  Who do you want to win?  Who do you think will win?  (Click pics for larger version)

Analeigh – The sweet ice skater who was almost sold to a foreign prince has come a long way, from girl-next-door to fierce and modelesque.  She’s obviously the fan favorite, which makes me think she probably won’t win… after all, of the top three, isn’t the “sweet girl”/fan fave usually the runner-up, at least in recent cycles?  (a la Anya, Chantal & Natasha)  Either way, I think she’ll do just fine for herself, so maybe a runner-up spot won’t be that bad.

McKey – The tomboyish athlete started this competition a bit awkward and unsure of herself, but has morphed into a woman with real model potential.  She seems to be favored by the judges, but that doesn’t necessarily mean much (remember how much they loved Anya?).  For her, I’m predicting a third-place finish, probably for some really lame and bizarre reason, like having no personality (Jenah c9), or looking too old in photos (Renee c8).  Historically, the third place tends to go to the least likable personality left in the house, but the top three this cycle have all been quite friendly and amiable up until this point, so it’s a bit hard to tell what they’ll do now.

Samantha – So the ditzy blonde has made it to the final three.  This cycle has definitely been a surprise, since initially I pictured her taking the route of Kimberly & Mila.  However, she has won the judges over, at least to a certain extent, and their intense criticism of her in the past episode leads me to believe there will be a “plot twist” in here somewhere and she’ll end up with the win.  Plus, in the most recent cycles the winner has been someone who I had thought would be least likely (out of the top three) to win it all — picking Whitney over Fatima and Anya; picking Saleisha over Jenah and Chantal; picking Jaslene over Renee and Natasha… plus, of the three remaining, I think that Samantha would be the one to need ANTM the most, whereas the other two I think could get by just fine without the win.

So, there are my predictions.  I’d love to hear your predictions and theories as well!



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  1. I love your photo compilations, you do them extremely well! _____>;;

  2. Argh, this was supposed to be the comment:

    I love your photo compilations, you do them extremely well! _____>;;

  3. Crap, I think I’ve made it too long. I’ll just break it down:

    Argh, this was supposed to be the comment:

    I love your photo compilations, you do them extremely well! ❤ I’ve actually come to like Sam’s portfolio even more, although I appreciated the majority of it.

    I want Analeigh to win. Now, I know there’s this havoc over “Oh, I hate when ANTM fans want a certain girl to win, but when she’s gone, they’re suddenly glad she’s not getting ‘the winner’s curse,'” but I think she can break that very easily. She can mend from commercial to couture, and I think she’s just an amazing model overall. Out of the three, it’s almost unanimous to believe that she’s made the most improvement, because she very obviously has.

    McKey is beautiful, but I think she is the least deserving of the three. This is a fair judgment for me, because I actually sort of can’t stand Sam. I think Sam is more photogenic than McKey, but McKey beats Sam on looking like a fashion model by a LANDSLIDE. I do believe that McKey will win, though. The Jays said that the winner was obvious from the beginning, and you don’t need glasses to see that they both rave over McKey. That was known even before the cycle started! I’ll be fine because she only looks like a model, but I don’t think her performance touches any of the other girls.

    It’s pretty blatant that I dislike Sam, haha. She’s my new Joslyn. However, some of her photographs are a dream (such as the pirate shot, the swimsuit shot they didn’t use on the show [that you have on the collage], and the eyes in the water). I am hoping and believing that she’ll get 3rd place, and I wish Marjorie was in her place. If she won, she’d be an improvement from the disaster of Whitney, but she’ll be the least improvement of the remaining girls. (cont.)

  4. (continuation)

    Girl I want to win: Analeigh.
    Girl I think will win: McKey, but all three of them are very likely winners.

    This is a good Top 3, but it would have been perfect with Marjorie. This is like last cycle, where I wanted Anya/Fatima/Katarzyna, but Whitney was in her place. I thought “two out of three ain’t bad.” Ha, well, look what happens when you take your chances. >_____>;;

  5. i agree with u draion…

    The Jays said that the winner was obvious
    and i think that McKey…

    if u all saw…McKey always took a great coment from judges…

    this is the 2nd time i love the final three (beside season 8th and season 6th nearly if jade didnt mke it)…

    I hope Sam could win…
    but Analeigh and McKey too…

    go you all….

  6. I’m guessing McKey will win, but I’m pulling for Analeigh. Analeigh’s taken better photos, and she’s cooler!
    I thought it was abundantly clear that Saleisha would win cycle 9, but that’s just me.
    1: Shannon – blond
    2: Mercedes, but Shandi (3rd) was blond
    3: Yaya, but Amanda (3rd) was blond
    4: Kahlen – blond
    5: Nik – blond highlights
    6: Joanie – blond
    7: Melrose – blond
    8: Natasha – naturally blond
    9: Chantal – blond
    10: Anya – blond
    Pattern, much? I wonder if that’ll work for this cycle, too…
    Also, once again, a white girl’s going to win in Europe.

  7. Michaelicious, draion is the same person as me, Dorian. XD My favorite Top 3 is Cycle 6’s, because whichever winner won, she deserved it. Not only that, but it was such a cultural clash. Ebony beauty, blond beauty, and, as Jade would say, the bi-racial butterfly.

    All of you notice that this is the first all-white Top 3 since Cycle 1. Jhg812, I really hope Sam gets third. Had it been up to me, she would’ve gotten fourth. Well, if I were a judge, I would’ve pushed her out after her hot-air balloon shot, but that would’ve wasted some really nice photos, so I can imagine how hard it must be for the judges in the beginning. McKey will win, I know it.

  8. Wow I have three of my favs in the final three so I don’t know who I want to win or who I think will win, cycle 10 went well and so will cycle 11. But to me I don’t care, whoever wins I guess they were the best:D

  9. I would love Analeigh to win with McKey runner up. However,this has been a pretty great cycle and I would be fine with any of them winning. Analeigh is just pretty much the closest to perfection a person can get. Beautiful, kind, mature, caring, and all things good. Plus, she still goes to Disneyland for her birthday, is a fellow ice skater, protests for gay rights, and councils girls with eating disorders. I mean, really, can she get any better than that?

  10. I mean i agree but you can not always relie on past cycle but I get where your coming from=]

    I think It will be Sam gone then Analeigh then Mckey or Analeigh Sam Mckey.

    this is a tough cycle anyone could win!’


  11. honestly this is a great top 3. I feel like that teach with tyra really helped the girls. Here is what I feel will happen

    Analeigh(fatima) 3rd- started off at the bottom but came back with amzing pictures

    McKey(Anya)2nd- obviously the best picture taker, but screws up in the final runway and covergirl.

    Samantha(whitney) winner- blonde girl with consistently great photos, but not as strong as McKeys. She gives an amazing cg photo ok commercial and out shines on the final runway.

    I feel that c11 girls are a bit better than c 10. And if you look at it you see McKey and Samantha tie in the portfolio aspect. Yet I still like c10 better than c11.

  12. I hopefully my streak will continue since cycle 7 my fave has won
    hopefully samantha, but I like Mckey and analeigh. At least it will not be Elina

  13. Well…As much as it seems that Samantha is categorized as a “model who needs this win,” I still think she’ll be third. I think she’s already received comments on being way too commercial and it’s not that she’s trying to be, but her personality exudes a certain appeal for commercial or theatrical performance. She doesn’t have any knowledge of the industry and she doesn’t seem to quite understand how to present herself as a model. I think she’ll be a good model, but not one for high fashion YET. I think she has potential, great potential, but right now, I don’t think she’s just ready for high fashion or for taking this crown. However, she really is a fun person and an honest person and that is the general appeal to her.

    McKey is stunning. Absolutely stunning and would make a great high fashion model. And despite all signs pointing for her to win, I feel she will not win BUT still get signed with Elite or another. She doesn’t appear (that we’ve seen so far) to be a good spokesmodel or good with the “moving pictures” and apparently when she opens her mouth it’s “not good.” She doesn’t need this win to make it big. However I read somewhere that if she’s able to pull out some kind of personality that the producers have kept hidden and brings it out on photos, (and commercial) then I think she’ll have it in the bag, otherwise I think she’ll be in the runnings against…….
    Analeigh has the charm, the poise, and she can model. Can she do High fashion? …well….from what we’ve seen, not really. Top model hasn’t really produced winners that are high fashion necessarily but recently given the title to the models who need that extra push in the industry, or have some sort of message they want to stand up for. People look up to people with a purpose. Although I don’t see Analeigh (or McKey) with any real political reason for winning [ Sorry I don’t consider Samantha in the running at this point because I think she’s already branded as being too commercial], I think Analeigh has a better chance of winning at this point.
    Analeigh has a huge fanbase right now. If she wins, I think people would be excited to hear news about her rather than look down on her and say she didn’t deserve it. I’m not sure if they’ll be a huge fanbase for McKey saying “SHE WAS ROBBED!” Also, Analeigh is more in the position to “need” this win to establish herself than McKey. She’d represent Covergirl Very well.
    Cycle 9 was Saleisha with the bubbly personality, but didn’t seem to live up to high fashion. WAY too commercial, didn’t speak very well during her commerical and I didn’t see the IT factor. She had a good runway but she didn’t even nail her commercial, plus that whole controversey and blah blah blah. I just feel like I couldn’t relate to her. Cycle 10 Whitney….well… I liked how she wasn’t meek, but she didn’t seem like a good role model on a personal level. Yea she had a good reason for trying to change the industry and she was confident but my impression of her personality wasn’t very positive in my opinion. She was pretty, but not high fashion.
    These winners were not high fashion and MAYBE they’ll pick mcKey for that reason. Especially with the responses they’ve seen after the fact. However, this cycle doesn’t seem to play favorites. Analeigh has good photos and some can be considered borderline high fashion, so we know that she can at least produce the pictures.
    PHEW…I wrote a long entry. So essentially, Analeigh is my prediction because it’s about time they pick a fan favorite 😛 But if they pick McKey or Sam I wouldn’t mind. This is the first top three where I feel any of them would make a good winner. They all have something I like about them, so I’m just glad that Top model has finally made some good decisions this time around.

  14. If you want to know who the final 2 is look at the spoiler page. I’m positive with one person but not the other.

  15. THEY all are good but I was wondering Amy or Dorian if there can be something about favorite cycles to least favorite page??

    Just a comment:
    My order is


    Those are because the overall cycle. i haven’t really seen any of the WHOLE first few like 1 and 2 but i seen some episodes.


  16. BTW they were favorite to least. =]

  17. I love when yuo compare the final three with past contestants like last cycle… any chance?
    i do love what you are doing with these three though =] =]

  18. I want:
    1st: Analeigh
    2nd: Samantha
    3rd: McKey

    I think it will be:
    1st: McKey
    2nd: Samantha
    3rd: Analeigh

    Hoping I’m wrong, like in cycle 9 i was sure after the spoilers on Saleshia’s win that Jenah will be the runner-up and she ended-up 3rd place (eventhough she was my favourite).

    I don’t like why everyone liked cycle 6 so much, it was a kind of boring for me, eventhough the girls (at least the finale 3) really had some potential. I cannot discount the fact that which cycle I saw first and that I still didn’t see the entire 8th season (but i didn’t really like any of the girls) my favourite order is:

    c3 (the first I saw)
    c9 (because of Jenah!)
    c7 (the biggest rate of potential in a season so far, liked the TWINS so much!!!)
    c11 (i’m happy for Analeigh, Marjorie & even McKey and Samantha made it this far)
    c4 (really liked Kahlen, Naima & Keenyah)
    c10 (started out good, but got weaker after Lauren was gone and Anya ended-up 2nd)
    c5 (with those girls it could have been a way better)
    c2 (it was great when i watched, but a kinda forgatable)
    c6 (i liked the potential of the girls, the photos, but the whole season was just kinda boring)
    c8 (i stoped watching on the internet, because I couldn’t find a favourite, but in two weeks it will be started to air in Hungary, so I will tune on it)
    c1 (you can easily tell that it was the “first try”… though I liked Elyse)

  19. The judges obviously favour McKey, so I think she will probably win. I can imagine her doing OK in the final runway, too…
    Runner up? Analeigh. She’ll do very well in the final runway but the judges will think she’s too sweet and sugary and ‘girl-next-door-like’. She’s MY favourite, anyway…
    Which means…Samantha in third place. She will probably not do brilliantly in the commercial, and also come to panel wearing something absolutely apalling that wil TOTALLY put the judges off.
    McKey is SO gonna win…I can just tell.
    I personally don’t think she has a memorable personality…

  20. Wow, it’s so nice to be able to look at the pictures side by side! And I now have realized that Sam has the same face in pretty much every picture, the same down-turned mouth and looking at the camera (except for the snafu and boat one). I really hope that she comes in third, although I definitely agree with you that she seems to be the one who needs the win most, for in my opinion, Analeigh and McKey would be able to book jobs successfully. :3 I REALLY want Analeigh to win. I’m hoping she and McKey are top two, and not Sam and McKey, which I’ve been thinking they are for the whole competition. I dunno…if McKey won, I think I’d be okay with it, but I just really want Analeigh to win. :3

  21. Christine, you are absolutely and completely dead-on with your analysis. I’ve gotta say, as a fellow wall-of-text writer, I appreciate you taking the time to do that. Every single word you said has truth, unbias, and is worth reading. Thank you to everyone as well, it’s some nice commentary.

    Tinna, I wanted to do a favorite/least favorite cycle page for a while now, but it’s never been timely to just throw it in. Plus, I’ll ask for the permission of antm11 (seeing as to how it’s her website, and I would feel guilty treating it like mine), but I’m sure it would be pulled off after the cycle happens. I mean, people will be able to make a real judgment right after the show ends, so I’ll see if antm11 allows me to make a page for favorite to least-favorite page.

    Maxx S, I agree with you, but there’s one thing that could prove you wrong: How much did the judges like Joanie, Anya, Natasha, and Chantal (whom I dislike very much)? You see what happened to them? They also quite liked Amanda, but she had some nice competition, to be fair. See what happened to them?

    Aoi, you’ve just said everything I’m thinking, haha.

  22. well Christina you made an excellent point but the judges will go to the fact that she can be edged up if she learned how to edge her self up like in the black and white unglammed pic. She has the real question is will she show her HF side. I pray sam wins, but honestly ther is no one in ths top three I do not want to see win. That has not happened since c8 renee and c7 melrose

  23. I really don’t see Sam winning. Isn’t the final two usually a runway challegne? I thought Sam can’t walk very well. Remember that runway she botched? and walking in clogs (although I can see how one would flub walking in those things) :/ Something I failed to mention I guess.
    I’m actually starting to think that McKey is going to win now. The past two cycles have produced unfavorable fan responses such as “rigged” since the girl who was more high fashion did not receive the title. It might be time to make the winner the person who has produced those high fashion photos to give top model their credibility.
    However I’m still rooting for Analeigh XD I think she’d make a great role model, Covergirl representative, and she’s such a positive person. Positive attitudes are so attractive. It makes me want to say “I wish she was my friend” in a non-creepy way 😛

  24. On another note this week’s top model in action is Anya.

  25. I …………… AM…………SO………..PISSED!!!!


  27. Love Cycle i lovve…McKey win..and the final two with sam..

    like i ever said before that McKey gonna take this all…

  28. I’m very proud with the final two..and Samantha, the second place not too bad too..
    McKey the contestant that like Jay Manuel said never needed extra frame in her photoshoot (while she won the chalenge for prize of extra frame)…

    McKey is the other girl of Joanie cycle 6 that never in the bottom two, always have the fierce picture and deserve it all..

    Go McKey, Go Samantha…

  29. I’m sad that Analeigh isn’t ANTM, however, McKey did turn out amazing photos, very consistantly. Probably one of the most deserving winners in ANTM history (especially compared to the last few cycles.. I am in the minority, I did like Whitney, but I thought Anya deserved to win, hands down. And I’m sure everyone can name a load of winners that were not the best in the cycle).

    Although I still LOVE Analeigh.

  30. ShaRun 14 not a model
    Nikeisha 13 talk WAY TOO MUCH
    Brittany 12 not hf
    Hanna 11 bad walk
    Isis 10 worries about other THINGS
    Clark 9 inconsistent
    Lauren brie 8 no persanlity
    Joslyn 7 got lost in the shuffel
    Sheena 6 going backwards
    Elina 5 must control ever thing
    Marjore 4 to shy then no personanlity
    Analiegh 3 bombed in the finals worst portfolio Samantha 2 look commerical but was hf

  31. The Reason being eliminated and winner in cycle 11:

    ShaRaun – not a model
    Nikeysha – talk too much
    Brittany – just prety and good not high fashion
    Hannah – bad walker
    Isis – affraid stand by her own and worries about her body
    Clark – cocky girl in person and not inconsistent
    Lauren Brie – lack of personality
    Joslyn – lay back and lack of presence and fake
    Sheena – inconsistent, cannot balance her face and body language and too hoochie
    Elina – too controll
    Marjorie – lack of personality and lack of presence
    Analeigh – too actreesy
    Samantha – too comercial while still high fashion

    And the winner:
    McKey – consistent stellar portfolio in ANTM history and very modelesque

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