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November 20, 2008 at 12:15 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 34 Comments



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  1. I’m so happy McKey won!
    Congrats to her 😀

  2. Congrats to McKey (I knew that she would win), but this finale was the biggest disappointment since cycle 9, and before that, cycle 5.
    ANALEIGH WAS ROBBED. “You would be better as an actress doing a cosmetics campaign.” What the hell?
    Also, both McKey and Samantha stank up that runway. It was pretty bad. Analeigh would have rocked it.
    Well, *raises a drink* here’s to a better finale next cycle, which I will so be watching.

  3. I totally agree, Jhg812. I just found the finale so BORING! I pretty much knew from the beginning McKey and Sam would be in the finale and McKey would win. It’s not like McKey winning is so bad, I think she is a good model, but I still think Analeigh was robbed, and I really don’t agree with Tyra. Analeigh’s pre-ANTM portfolio was stunning. She can definitely model. And I hope she proves everyone wrong and becomes super successful. :3

  4. my 2 faves from the start were the final 2 ya! mckey was the best in the cg ads i was shocked when analeigh bombed her print ad sucked it looks like miss america beauty shot sams looks like a ad to i like it i want 2 c was her 17 cover looks like i think samantha rocked the runway i think this was the 1st cycle that had 2 girls that cant walk lol but mckey had good poses and sam worked the dresses but i think sam will get signed some i think elite will sign her but tyra picked the rite winner so lets raise our glasses 2 antm 4 having 11 great cycle and for 11 more s us then


  6. Wow. To be honest as soon as Analeigh was eliminated first I just lost all interest. I actually turned off the tv and did homework. The dumbest thing to me was the fact the lip gloss was supposed to brighten your smile yet Analeigh got criticized for having her open smile. The whole “too-soft face” kind of came out of no where. Analeigh was such an inspirational role model and she is truly beautiful inside and out. I really hope she gets into acting and we get to see more of her in the future. Her exit speech was so sweet and lovely. “You regret the mistakes that you don’t learn from…I think I did my best and I gave my heart and that’s all I can give.” Congratulations to McKey and Sam though.

  7. brandon mckey can not model for all her life she has to have something to fall back on. She is just being smart and thinking ahead.

  8. whitney looked great on the runway. that runway was wierd i thought someone would fall

  9. ANALEIGH IS MY WINNER. Seriously, how BS was her elimination? “Analeigh. You are versatile and we love your pictures. Sam. You are commercial, but suck at that. So who stays? Sam…”

    Congrats to McKey though, I looove her Cover Girl shot.

  10. Honestly, Analeigh just plain sucked. When your in the top three, there’s no room, absolutely no room, for mistake. So, hence why Sam stayed and McKey won.

    I was shocked too, I thought McKey would do worse on this commercial, but apparently not.

  11. Sam your smile is pained and your neck looks really stiff.

    Analeigh this looks like an acting headshot, its really pretty.

    Sam, you look commercial but you can’t even do that, what are you good at?

    Analeigh you can do both commercial AND high-fashion, but you dropped the ball this week, we won’t look at the past commercial though.

    Sam your smile looks pained and your walk wasn’t so awesome last time.

    Analeigh you’re out because you were the obvious winner, and we like to keep our viewers disappointed.


  12. McKey is putting school first, well she is probably in some sort of college right now so she can pretty much balance both modeling and college at the same time. I remember some other models was doing the same thing when they won ANTM. I’m still very excited about McKey winning because I know she will do an excellent job being ANTM. But just the show was overall pretty boring on Wednesday night, I pretty much expected McKey being the winner, even though her runway walk was not that fantastic, neither was Sam’s but I much prefered Sam walk’s over McKey’s. Maybe the reason why it wasn’t as great maybe it was due to me already knowing that McKey was going to win. It shocked me last cycle that Whitney won but this season it’s just a no-brainer so I’m kind of upset about that, but oh well maybe the cycle next season could be better. But I just need to stay away from those spoilers, there are ruining things for me lol…

  13. Ugh, ok Well despite me saying I wouldn’t mind any of them winning, I was VERY disappointed at how the judging went for final 3. But the fact taht Analeigh was out because of what? Not having the face? Messing up her commerical this time? Having the most awesome walk ever? Having the sweetest personality being a drawback??? Since when does a sweet personality not make it. I wouldn’t have cared if Sam and Analeigh were int he Final two. Quite obvious who my favorite was, but seriously I thought Analeigh shoudl have gotten first or second. I’m ok with McKey winning. She certainly deserved it. I’m really REALLY disappointed at how they chose Samantha to go against McKey.
    It’s true that it might have been worse if Analeigh and McKey were against each other on runway because Analeigh would have rocked it and there would be a huge uproar as to why McKey was chosen despite her subpar runway vs. Analeigh’s outstanding runway. I feel bad for Sam, as if Tyra used her as a way to make McKey look better or make her seem like she is the rightful winner. Analeigh would have given her a run for her money, therefore, she was not picked because she might have outshined their already-chosen-winner. I thought this was a competition. This reminds of cycle 9 all over again choosing Saleisha over Jenah, then choosing Chantal, the one with the lesser walk to compete with her with the most outstanding walk.
    just really disgusted with ANTM right now. -___-
    ok…now that I have cooled down a bit…
    Congrats to McKey. Great face, good job on the commercial, outstanding photos, Great Covergirl Shot, she walked somewhat better than Samantha…what can I say, she did it all. If only they had shown more personality and made me like her more…then… I think I would appreciate her more. Sigh ohhhh welll
    ANTM will never win. lol. Tyra will never win, because no matter what she does and who she chooses, there will always be backlash from her viewers.
    Amy: Well said.

    ADSF: LoL That is hilarious.

    McKey just number 2 only…
    sam, i don’t like her so much…

  15. I was so mad! Analeigh should have at least been in the final 2. I liked McKey too but obviously my favorite is Analeigh. Even though Sam and McKey are good, they both sucked in the runway. The make-up did not compliment either one and Sam’s face looked way too round. If you looked at both of their legs, they looked akward walking and it makes me mad because Analeigh would have been so good! I was so mad at the panel, it was just as disappointing as when they kicked out Katarzyna(sp?). Either way, I hope she does as well as she’s doing without having won ANTM.

  16. 14. sharaun shocking-o-meter : 0/10, bad personality n picture
    13. nikeysha shocking-o-meter : 1/10, good picture, but bad personality
    12. brittany shocking-o-meter : 3/10, not bad picture for eliminated, but I still want Analeigh to stay
    11. hannah shocking-o-meter : 2/10, she’s cute, but bad walk n personality n only fair photos
    10. isis shocking-o-meter : 1/10, one of the worst photos in antm, but her first photo was STUNNING
    9. clark shocking-o-meter : 6/10, last week she’s the best, this week her photo not bad, but she want to show “THIS IS MY BEAUTIFUL LEGS”
    8. Lauren Brie shocking-o-meter : 100/10, she made many one of the best photos in antm n her walk was good too, but I must say this week she’s one of the worst, but I still say “She’s TRUE AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL”
    7. joslyn shocking-o-meter : 1/10, I want elina eliminated in cover girl n joslyn eliminated in disaster
    6. Sheena shocking-o-meter : 8/10, commercial n unique girl, her walk n photos were good, her commercial was great too
    5. elina shocking-o-meter : 0/10, I very like this episode, elina was sent home, but I don’t like Marj in bottom 2, although her go-see n photos were bad, I’m very happy if elina eliminated last week
    4. Marjorie shocking-o-meter : 7/10, although she’s one of my favourite, but her photo was weird, but I still want her to go to FINAL 3, not sam
    3. Analeigh shocking-o-meter : 99.9/10, WHAT THE ??? She’s the perfect girl to win this competition after Lauren Brie was eliminated, she’s the best commercial in antm ever, WHAT HAPPEN TO TYRA ???
    2. sam shocking-o-meter : 0/10, she made it too far, but if I must choose she or ,McKey to win this competition, I’ll choose McKey
    1. McKey shocking-o-meter : 0/10, better than sam win this compettion

  17. Okay i know were all upset about Analeigh TRUST ME soo am I. But what happend to everyone liking the fianle and people though she was gonna get like a 9th 10th or 11th or she almost got a 12th place finsih.
    BE PROUD OF HER she will be great in model history. =]

    Congrats Mckey on being antm11

  18. shut up people every cycle you all complain because your favorite did not win you bitch and moan all the time. so what analeigh lost. She got farther than we all thought she would. She deserved her spot,but honestly her commercial suck she has yet to learn to conquer her face, at least for a beauty shot she can model no doubt, but so can Mckey and Sam. Mckey and Samantha started good and ended good. Analeighs picture looked like

  19. Yeah, Analeigh was still learning in the competition, and McKey progressively got better and better. It makes SENSE that she would win, which is a refreshing change for ANTM.

  20. I honestly thought Analeigh was going to be called first. But I guess not.
    And, Willie, how come on almost every blog, you always argue?

  21. a headshot for an actress she needs to get in a mirror anf figure her face out. Ed.D i argue because I can. I am tired of every cycle people are mad because there fave did not win and then blame tyra. There plenty of other judges. Mckey had the best portfolio, better commercial, and a good solid walk. Ed.D you must be kiding Analeigh’s lines were spoon fed to her her picture was mediocre. Mckey and Sam had better commercials. Nckey had the best picture. Sam had a more modelesque photo besides the forced smile. People suck it up and take the fact that analeigh lost and mckey was the deserving one. Do not worry Ed.D why i am getting into arguements. I am pissed when people are always bitchy.

  22. Willie I completely agree with everything you said. I rather not say more:)

  23. thank you michelle

  24. i’m definitely agree with everything u said willie…

  25. willie, i think that you need to calm yourself just a little bit. theres no need to get all defensive and go..”because i can.” theres no need, we’re all here to discuss a show that we like.

    i believe that mckey’s win was very fair and deserved because although i loved loved loved analeigh, mckey was just plain better and really deserved to win.

  26. Its just a T.V show no need for fights. =]

  27. Willie u need 2 get a grip!
    as Tinna said ” its just a TV show”

    so sort urself out


  28. Thank you Emma, Tinna and Caz. And Willie I do agree with McKey winning and I am happy with her winning, but I’m not opininated and I don’t care if people disagree. No need to fight.

  29. Willie is opinionated and well if someone has a problem with it you just have to deal with it. If you don’t like what was said then hey that’s you. If Willie wants to go all out and crazy about the show then he has every right to. We have our own opinions and we have the right to say what we have to say. I get upset sometimes for what people says about different models, but you know it’s their opinion, accept that. I don’t see nothing wrong with what Willie said, it was just a true opinion to what happened on the last episode.

  30. Okay, Michelle. Its fine if he’s opinionated. Its just another thing if he’s attacking someone else.

  31. Why doesn’t the person who runs this blog update it with the final winner??

  32. I do need to calm down, but Ed.D I had not attacked you until yyou made a comment you are no ones mother let them fight their own fight.

  33. you all are right i do go over the top, but it gets pretty annoying after every cycle people get mad because someone did not win cuss out the winner and tyra like tyra is the only judge. yet every cycle if you just shut up and look you see the winner deserved to win maybe not every cycle, but majority of them. Look at whitney c10’s page now look at how many people are mad because anleigh lost I blogged on the fact that everyone posts a whole report on why their favorite should of won and doing so you disrespect the contestants and the judges. So when I cuss you all out and talk about you everyone is mad and defensive. You now know how the contestants and judges feel. Since it is just a show then everyone who has commented on how i am so mean just shut up because the poor analeigh that had a bad commercial,an actress’ headshot, and had no control of her face did no win. i like analeigh too, but it just seems who ever tyra likes everybody chooses another girl.

  34. I’m very disappointed with Antm since they failed Chantal, then they failed my best modelling Analeigh…I’m hurt the most of her. She has such an amazing girl. Finally, the judges caught up just her mistake on last commercial only. I want to say that the last final 2 on runway walk was very awful, and not fantastic at all. Because sam and mckey are not very good in walking and they were walked badly…

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