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November 28, 2008 at 8:09 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 21 Comments

I, for one, was happy with the way this cycle turned out.  In all the 11 cycles, this was the first one where my favorite actually won.  Shocking, I know.




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  1. McKey is my favorite too!
    The only cycles where my favorites won were cycles 2, 7 and 11.

  2. My cycle winners.

    Cycle 1- Elyse
    Cycle 2- Mercedes
    Cycle 3- Eva
    Cycle 4- Niama
    Cycle 5- Nik
    Cycle 6- Danielle
    Cycle 7- Melrose
    Cycle 8- Natasha
    Cycle 9- Jenah
    Cycle 10- Katarzyna or Anya
    Cycle 11- Analeigh

    I do have to give CONGRATS to Mckey-GOOD-LUCK!

  3. I accept Mckey is the winner!

    but I really want Analeigh won!!

  4. are the 3rd and 4th pics the same (just with tyra in the 4th one)?
    it looks pretty photo shopped
    she looks exactly the same in both pics (except her nails are red in one and plain in the other

  5. Tyra looks photoshopped in for the last one.

    I liked Analeigh the best, however McKee did very well and I don’t mind. I don’t think the “winner photoshoot” did McKey a lot of justice, however. Not my favorite.

  6. I agree with Almiria, in that photoshoot she doesn’t look as pretty as she really is. I am really excited to see her work after antm! she’s a good model, I think =)

  7. I’m so happy that she won but you know I was really expecting her to win so it didn’t come to surprise when she did win. But overall I’m loving the pictures of McKey as well as the magazine pictures, I have to get that magazine with McKey in as well as Seventeen when it comes out.

  8. my winner
    cycle 6 : Joanie
    cycle 7 : CariDee or Brooke or A.J.
    cycle 8 : Natasha or Renee
    cycle 9 : Chantal or Saleisha
    cycle 10 : Katarzyna or (at least) Anya
    cycle 11 : Lauren Brie or Analeigh or Sheena or Marjorie

  9. I think her photo with tyra is very look like edited by photo shopped, maybe (MAYBE) tyra don’t want to shoot with her…

  10. Okay I like what criz and tinna is doing so I’m going to have to do the exact samething, even though this is so offtopic lol…

    My winners:
    Cycle 1: Shannon
    Cycle 2: Shandi or Yoanna
    Cycle 3: Amanda
    Cycle 4: Kahlen
    Cycle 5: Nicole
    Cycle 6: Joanie
    Cycle 7: A.J or CariDee
    Cycle 8: Renee
    Cycle 9: Chantal or Jenah
    Cycle 10: Katarzyna or Anya
    Cycle 11: McKey

  11. Whew, this comment is late!
    My winners!
    1) This is tough…um…I’m leaning toward Elyse, but I think Adrianne had pretty much the full package.
    2) Even tougher. Tons of talent. I’d have to say Yoanna, though.
    3) Eva. No questions asked.
    4) Kahlen. Hell, yeah.
    5) No one this cycle was really winner material. (Even cycle 3 had Eva.) If I had to pick, I’d say Nik. Her pictures rocked.
    6) Really tough. I’m leaning towards Joanie, though.
    7) Wow. Um…I love you, Melrose, but I’m giving this one to CariDee.
    8) I think Natasha was better, but unpredictable, so I’m going to say Jaslene. Renee was awesome, too.
    9) This one was like the love child of cycle 3 and cycle 5. Not one girl had the entire package, and a ton of them didn’t have enough talent. If I had to choose, though, I’d say Jenah. But Chantal and Lisa were both great.
    10) Claire. Surprised? Well, it was between her, Anya, and Katarzyna. Tough choice.
    11) I love McKey, but I wanted Analeigh to take the title.
    And speaking of McKey, she’s awesome and her hair is great, but she doesn’t look good when she smiles with her teeth showing.
    (And bad photoshopping, TyTy. I noticed those fingernails!)

  12. Someone deserving won, finally. xD
    Just curious though, will you be having the top 10 and bottom 10 photos of the cycle again?

  13. i dont think she deserved to win

  14. sinian i do not see why, but I thought that Shanon should have one c1 but no one agrees with me

  15. I thought Analeigh should have or Marjorie. I thought she got a lot of help from the staff and from tyra

  16. Analeigh was my favorite.
    My only favorite who’s ever won is Whitney.

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